Trusted Suppliers

Trusted Suppliers of stock or eggs can be a tricky thing. Careful and thorough enquiry will result in good or great stock for keeping/breeding.  As with every commodity that is available to the consumer buyer beware applies to poultry and eggs too.

Creating a relationship with your supplier will go a long way to obtaining the stock you desire. Doing this will help with the purchase and future dealings. Indeed, you may need or want to learn from the breeder to enhance your experience with your stock or pets.

I’d love to hear from any supplier that wishes to be included on this site, we welcome you.

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12.06.15 Californian Quail:

Gregory Charet 10 Saurine St Bankstown NSW 2200

PH:0425270927 or 0297858575

12.06.15 Mixed Poultry:

Co Pham Temora, NSW

Ph: 0428371542

Breeding true heritage breeds

Breeds a lot of variety, a sample of breeds include : Andalusian blue, Australorp Black, Bali Duck white, black, Barnevelder Large, double laced, Duck blue, black, black birchen, buff, cuckoo, Brahma Large, black, blue, light, buff Columbian, barred buff collumbian, silver lace, gold laced, light, partridge, blue partridge, Blue laced red (WIP), Call Duck Mallard