Transport of Birds & Eggs

A List of Poultry & Pet Transporters (updated on 28.5.2015) the following link can be expanded thanks to the tireless work in keeping the links updated. The Belgium Poultry Club do an excellent job with this and this page is also updated. Please contact me if you find another poultry or pet transporter or a broken link. Cheers.

Anitrans - excellent service!

Anitrans – excellent service!

ANITRANS – Animal Transportation Services

AniTrans Transport is owned and operated by Lawrie and Collette Hayman of Innot Hot Springs QLD.

We transport pets throughout QLD, NSW, VIC and SA monthly.

Collette can be contacted on (07) 4097 0270 or 0488 970 270

of find her on Facebook at


AniTrans Transport also use and recommend the following. 

These links are for your information only. Any person looking to use a pet transporter should research the company thoroughly first to ensure that the company is reputable and transports in a reliable and stress free environment. 

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Transporting your eggs or birds can be a tricky proposition for the new comer.

It is a fact of life that transport costs will always be here for the enthusiast. Keep in mind this allows all of us to get the birds we want for breeding, collecting, etc. So just incorporate the cost, find the best mode of transport for you and get the birds or eggs. It is that easy.