Guinea Fowl Keeping

Guinea fowl are one the easiest birds I’ve had the pleasure to keep. Many of the birds I have on open ground on which the birds feed and take very little maintenance. This group roost in the trees.

These are fed the same diet as the Californian quail. 50/50 of wheat and finch mix. Shot oats are a real favoutire.  As the Guinea fowl are primarily ground feeders open ground in the form of long runs is essential for their good health.

A wonderful addition around the house for the eradication of tick, bugs, spiders and the like. Guinea fowl sound warnings for snakes and foxes. If numbers are high the predators don’t stand a chance.

In the future I plan to release more birds to open free roam and give the foxes what for lol.

They also sound off each roosting time. If you want quiet birds I would reconsider guinea fowl as they can be load at time, not always, just at times.

When keeping in pens you will need roof netting to keep them in . Guinea fowl fly very confidently. Although they prefer to run away from most predators flying is used as another resort in the escape.

Raising this fabulous bird has a few challenges but so, so many rewards.

Cinnamon Guinnea Fowl

Sliver, pearl and cinnamon Guinea fowl

Here is this years keets rampant on seed I spread out on the ground. One in all in!

Cinnamon Guinea fowl bathing

Guinea fowl must have access to soil to bath in. This is essential for parasite control and the birds overall health. They can dig very large holes in the yard, large enough to trip on that’s for sure.

Female Guinea fowl calling

Female Guinea fowl can be definitely identified by the call. A ” buck-wheat” type call is produced only by the female.

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