Guinea Fowl colours at Killawarra Poultry

Guinea fowl 'just hangin'

guinea fowl group

Pearl Guinea fowl

pearl guinea fowl

Pearl or normal guinea fowl. This bird in Australia still has white on the primaries. It has been pointed out to me that the birds in the wild have no white on them at all.

In effect: they are still pied not normal but it’s the closest I’ve got to date.

If you have a line with no white on it at all I’d love to here from you to try and secure this group for Oz. Cheers.

Pearl Pied Guinea fowl

pied guinea fowl

An adaptation to the pearl guinea fowl. For pied pearls the white appears on the wings, the breast and sides of the bird. A very pretty variety. I am trying to breed more white into my birds this season.

Lavender Guinea fowl

lavender guinea fowl

The lavender Guinea fowl are a wonderful colour type to add to the flock.

Lavender Pied Guinea fowl

The lavender pied guinea fowl is an extension to the lavender colour. More white up the sides and all of the wings are the goal in breeding.

Silver Guinea fowl

silver guinea fowl

The sliver guinea fowl are slightly softer in colour to the lavender. Brilliant in full sun and very pretty indeed. I only have the one silver hen so hope to have a few more by summers end.

Cinnamon Guinea fowl

cinnamon guinea fowl hen

Cinnamon Guinea fowl are a recently new colour to the guinea world in Oz. A beautiful addition to the flock this bird stands out with cinnamon, dark and light, occurring all over the bird.

Heavy pied cinnamon cock guinea fowl

Ivory guinea fowl

The above image was supplied to me by David Maric. A guinea fowl breeder with an impeccable eye for colour, quality and vigour in guinea fowl, amongst other birds.

This bird is heavy pied in cinnamon. A proud and beautiful cock bird and a fine example of quality breeding. Well done David.

Compare the Guinea fowl

guinea fowl cinnamon, silver and lavender

Another image from David Maric. Showing the subtle differences between keets, from left to right, lavender, ivory ( a cross between chocolate and lavender, having a softer caramel colour in the neck feathers and a lighter coloured head) and chocolate.

This is a good way to compare keets, easier than from the outside of the pen.

Pied Giunea fowl

pied guinea fowl

More of David’s birds showing his breeding effort to extend the white onto the upper parts of the bird.

Guinea fowl pied keets

pied guinea fowl keets

Through selection, with a fine eye and lots of genetic luck you can breed towards birds with more white over time.

Image by David Maric

Four colours in guinea fowl

guinea fowl four colours

The four Guinea fowl keet colours in contrast. Lavender, silver, pearl and chocolate.

Image by David Maric

Chocolate Guinea fowl.

guinea fowl chocolate

And this beautiful colour. Chocolate Guinea Fowl. One of the prettiest colours available in Australia.

Birds/eggs are available from late spring onwards or unless otherwise stated.

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