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Killawarra Poultry Conservation Project

Spring Creek Reserve

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The Property at Killawarra

The property here at Killawarra has been largely untouched for the last 20 years. Sub divided and sold off as useless land (to wild steep and rocky). Prior history reveals that farming of animals, native plant collection, wood collection, including the practice of ring barking tree for fire wood later on, a practice that has since been stopped to a large degree.  This has seen the revegetation to species that have been interfered with to re-establish unaided by human intervention. To a large degree, weeds like Patterson’s curse, St John’s Wart and inkweed. The latter has been sprayed last season and now 98% of the inkweed is gone.

Our Goals:

  • To re- introduce the habitat as it once was. To this end I have already planted 2500 trees, grasses and shrubs to lengthen/widen the green belt connecting to the forest.
  • To install a bore to supply water to planted vegetation until established.
  • To fence a large part of the property, approximately 50 acres, to enable koala, dunnart, antechinus, wallabies and echidna to establish populations safely.
  • To eradicate all and every weed within this area.
  • To eradicate all and every non native like foxes, cats, rabbits, black birds and minors.
  • To introduce native animals that needs a secure area. Endangered or dwindling populations.

Once established a covenant with Trust for Nature will cement this lands use in the future

wurmbea dioica ssp dioica gruop Common Early Nancy
Spring creek Reserve

Estimated costs:

  • $15,000.00 Licensing, permits and installation of the bore
  • 150,000.00 For the construction of the fence surrounding the 50 acres.
  • $10,000.00/year Ongoing costs and maintenance
  • Ongoing support with land use grants via Trust for Nature or DEPI

Our Philosophy:

  • To see a place where people can see where the bush is not interrupted
  • To allow the re-establishment of native flora and fauna.
  • To find like minded people who want to do something themselves and not leave it up to government legislation.
  • To make a quiet place.
Spring creek Reserve
Xanthorrhoea glauca subsp. angustifolia group

How to get involved:

Your involvement:

  • You can help with a small donation to Killawarra Poultry so I can build a fund for the conservation project. Any small donation will help. Together we can get this done. What is the time frame? It all depends on the donations to be sure!

Click the donate button and share yourself with this endeavour. Thank you, Dash Geoghegan.

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