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Californian quail and guinea fowl chicks

3 Day Old Keets

Guinea fowl and Goanna interaction

Guinea Fowl For Sale: From late spring onwards.

Araucana chicks available now: These are from one day old to 2 weeks old and are $10 each. Colours are mixed outcomes form birds listed on the Araucana page in the links above. Also the video shows some of these chicks colours too. ( NB. page and video are currently being made)

Bulbs for sale are at My Bulb Garden too

G’day, welcome to my site. Breeding, keeping and selling Guinea fowl and Araucana chickens.I was selling Californian quail unfortunately meeting with little success.

Set amongst the Northern end of the Warby Ranges Victoria, Killawarra affords a wonderful, albeit dryish, environment for raising Guinea fowl and Araucana.

I am an avid breeder of birds and have tried many different species. I like sharing with others who find an interest in breeding and husbandy also.

I should have birds ready for sale later on in 2016

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In the mean time for the home gardener/collector of bulbs I have added a Shop to supply those enthusiasts.

Please note: Bulbs are sent out on Mondays and Tuesday only


Killawarra Poultry & My Bulb Garden - 2 sites one place

My Bulb Garden Shop

y Bulb Garden Store

Crinum delagoense

crinum delagoense

Brunsvigia grandiflora

brunsvigia grandiflora foliage

“Spreading the good bulb word”


This site :  Killawarra Poultry & Hatchery was formerly Mainly Amaryllids Garden is owned by Dash Geoghegan

The latest News from Killawarra Poultry

Winter – 03.06.12: The frosts have arrived on the lowland. Fortunately my property is above all but the heaviest frost line. The birds are locked into a shed each night. I have observed that due to condensation, water falls into the tank every night due to the heat from the 80 or so birds.

27.5.15  : Getting ready for spring pairing and breeding. Colours being used this season are pearl, lavender, silver & cinnamon.

Eggs and chicks in some of the above colours will be available from late spring onwards.

21.06.15 Working on a better member/community site area

The bulbs flourish here at Killawarra. 31.5.15: Currently adding bulbs to the shop. The cart is up and running. Any problems please click ‘problem with my order’ asap so I can rectify. 14.06.15: The shop is now up and running. As I go through the bulb collection I will list those bulbs that are or become available. Thank you for your kind support. 21.06.15 Working on a better member/community site area


16.07.15: What a past few weeks! I had all the site loaded up and ready to go when all of a sudden the site got hacked and a piece of bad coding brought the site down. I am steadily rebuilding the site now. I have separated the shop from the this site to lighten the load on scripting. My Bulb Garden at www.mybulbgarden.com is currently being uploaded with products, a revamp of the shop I had on this site.

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